Located in Riga our Agency was founded in 1992 after Latvia restored its independence. At present, our Agency is one of leading agencies in Latvia. Since Latvia had restored itís independence it maintained close ties with EU and OSCE .

In the same time we keep close long-term business contacts with patent agencies of other countries, established before the restoration of Latvia independence, enable us to represent our clients in Lithuania and Estonia, as well as other countries of the former USSR.

Our Agency employees are high skilled specialists having more than 20-year experience in the field of protecting intellectual property, which ensured stable and successful functioning of the Agency.

 The motto of our Agency is to offer high-quality professional services at the most competitive rates 

SIA "PATENTU AGENTURA KDK", Dzerbenes iela 27 - 206, Riga, LV-1006, LATVIA, Phone: + 371 67 545 130, Fax: 371 67550700, kdk@kdk.lv